What is Shaolin Kempo?

It is an effective form of close quarter self defense. It does not rely on strength but rather on applied physics to make your movements effective against opponents of much greater size and strength. Students will learn a variety of techniques which can be used both defensively and offensively to incapacitate/restrain the attacker. As students increase their knowledge and understanding of their Shaolin Kempo their techniques will evolve. All the material taught and practiced will stay practical and fresh as one progresses through their understanding and ability of the art.

The first Kempo technique taught is called dropping hammer. The core technique is to block the opponents punch then step inside their guard while checking the attacking arm. The defender then squares off and drops their weight as they execute a reverse hammer strike to the groin. This is the core technique.


The student is responsible for creating and maintaining the complete technique, this will change as the student progresses through the ranks. A newer students technique would looks something like this:


While a more experienced practitioner would look more like this:



Or like this:



Kempo techniques are just part of what students learn at SKA however. They also learn a variety of defenses versus grabs known as Jiu Jit Su’s. Defenses versus weapons such as clubs and knives. Combos to be used against punch and kick attacks. On top of all the self defense students also practice in the traditional manner with forms or katas. The under Black belt Shaolin Kempo forms are 1-5 Pinan, 1-5 Kata, and Stature of the Crane. Students also learn the following Kung Fu forms: Continuous fist, 8 kicks, Small Flood fist and White Ape fist. Students also must learn the use of traditional Kung Fu and Karate weapons as part of their martial education. The under black belt requirements are, Matching steps staff, Shaolin Fan, Nunchucks, Kanegawa no nicho gama and Tornado Staff. Complete list of required Under belt material



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