Shaolin Kempo Tumbling & Tricking Chanbara KFX Yoga

At Shaolin Kempo Academy we offer a variety of martial arts and fitness classes for you to choose from. You can pick and choose from them to create your own custom fitness and martial arts training program.

Shaolin Kempo is a close quarters system which utilizes quick sharp strikes, joint locks and take downs to control your opponents balance.
Our Shaolin Kempo system blends Kung Fu, Karate and Jiu Jit Su into a system of self defense. The core components taught in the classes are:

  • Combinations – which are a series of moves to stop and subdue and attacker.
  • Kempos – are similar to combinations except each student develops their own set of techniques.
  • Jiu Jit Su’s – these are your release and counters from holds such as a bear hug or front choke.
  • Basics – this includes the kicks, punches, stances, take downs and blocks.
  • Forms – are a prearranged set of movements that allow a person to practice their basics.
  • Weapons – students learn both offensive and defensive movements and forms.

Tumbling and Tricking is where we combine gymnastics with aerial kicks and other martial arts moves to create extreme martial arts. This is very popular on the tournament circuit along with the performance based martial arts. Students learn in a safe and fun way how to incorporate these types of moves. 


Chanbara is a modern way to practice swordsmanship without the risk of injury. 40 years ago Japanese martial arts masters came together to
create a new style, The founder Tanabe Tetsundo called this new way of training Goshindo, it is comprised of 3 main parts:

  • Iaido – The art of drawing the sword.
  • Tamashigiri – The art of cutting.
  • Kendo/Kenjutsu – The art of fighting.

During the Chanbara class participants take part in mock battles using a choken which is a foam and plastic katana. A participant can hit without worrying about hurting their opponent, this allows full speed and power techniques to be practiced.


Kicking It Fit eXtreme or KFX – is a fusion of Kick Boxing, MMA, Kung Fu, Kempo, Suspension Training, and hard work. This supercharged combination of movement will keep you from feeling like the proverbial hamster on treadmill. Another benefit of the constant variety of the class is it keeps your muscles working in different ways to keep them from getting used to training and losing its effectiveness. Don’t worry though the class is completely customizable to your fitness level be it just off the couch or training to be the next olympian because the class gets harder as you get in better shape. Some of the key elements that make Kickin It Fitness so effective.

  • As your endurnace increases you will punch and kick harder and faster burning more caloriesc and working the muscles harder.
  • Striking a heavy bag causes micro trauma to your skeletal system, your body compensates for this by increasing your bone desnity.
  • The suspension rig is infintely adjustable to your strength to weight ratio so you can always get the perfect work load.
  • Its fun and great stress relief.
  • Combining cardiovascular conditioning with strength training will give you the quickest body change. As you build and tone muscle mass your resting metabolic rate increase which means you burn more calories everyday.
  • You don’t have to spend hours to get a good workout.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to come in and try it, we have a pair of gloves just waiting for you.


Yoga – here at Shaolin Kempo Academy, we offer classes in the Vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa is known as flow yoga because of the smooth way that the poses run together allowing the practitioner to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. Vinyasa yoga is easily adaptable to people of any fitness level. Our well-trained and experienced instructors can modify any pose to fit the needs of individuals in the class–whether the person is new to yoga, or a long-time, experienced Yogi.  We offer regular Vinyasa classes on Monday evenings, and a Gentle Vinyasa class on Saturday mornings.


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