Yoga is for Everyone

When people hear that I am a Yoga instructor, often their response is “oh, I could never do that, I’m not flexible enough”, to which I respond, “Well, how do you think you get that way?!”  Yoga really is something that almost everyone can do regardless of age, body type, fitness level, and in many cases…physical limitations.  A well-trained, experienced Yoga instructor can show the student alternates to postures based on that person’s individual needs including the use of props.  In both my Vinyasa and Yin classes here at Shaolin Kempo Academy, we use props A LOT.  Blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, pillows, and anything else hanging around that will support the Yogi in his/her posture—we use it!  Props allow even the most inflexible Yogi to get into a posture comfortably and get maximum benefit, and allows the seasoned Yogi to explore the full extension of a posture without worrying about falling over or straining a muscle.

So you think you aren’t flexible enough for yoga? I invite you to come to a Yoga class at Shaolin Kempo Academy and let me introduce you to the Yogi inside of you who is just waiting to come out. 




Summer Time Training

Summer is here and our schedules tend to fill up with fun in the sun activities, day trips, summer camps, and vacations, how do we fit or keep our training in our schedule? Should we take a break? While the answer to this isn’t a one size fits all my simple answer is you don’t want to stop training over the summer, it is too easy to break the good habits you have developed during your martial arts training. Another big problem with time off is we tend to forget our newer stuff which makes restarting training even harder as you are no longer in a training mindset and you have apprehension about what you forgot over your break, now I don’t mean missing a week of class its more like if you miss a month or longer. Another problem is while the martial arts is a solo journey and you aren’t in direct competition with anyone but yourself we can’t help but measure our progress against some of our peers, this can also lead to the negative mindset about resuming your training. Each week you miss of classes takes the average student 2 weeks of consistent training to catch up. 

Ok enough with the problems with missing training over the summer what can we do about it? There are quite a few ways to stay consistent and do all the summer fun stuff.

  1. Take a look at the schedule and see how many class options you really have each week.
  2. Come to camp, great way to brush up and get a ton of training in in a short time frame.
  3. Double up on some classes one day. 
  4. Schedule an ATP class.
  5. Plan in advance and if you are going to miss a week or two take some extra classes before you go and then when you get back.
  6. Talk to me about other scheduling options if none of those work.

Spend some more time training outside of the dojo, practicing your kicks and forms in the pool can be a lot of fun and a great training tool, Its even better in the ocean as you have to work to not get knocked over. Also practicing getting your kicks above the water is a great strengthening tool. Most important is have fun with it remember its the Journey that matters not the destination.

Master Ross



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