Shaolin Kempo Academy East Haven’s Premiere Martial arts and Fitness Facility

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible training anywhere!

We offer a variety of classes that are sure to fit your needs. Our main martial arts program Shaolin Kempo is a blend of Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Japanese Karate, the end result is Shaolin Kempo which is a highly effective form of self defense. For more information on our Kempo classes check this out.

If getting in shape is more your speed then you can check out one of our fitness programs, our Kick boxing class is a high energy and intense workout that is custom tailored to your fitness level. Our Yoga classes will help you to increase your flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms the mind and improves overall health.

Shaolin Kempo Academy is also home to Team SKA, our tournament competition and performance team. 

SKA has 2 training floors with one being dedicated to the martial arts and the other to fitness based classes. Our main training hall or Dojo is over 800 square feet, the floor is 1.5 inch thick carpet bonded foam which is the same flooring used in the Olympics and other sporting competitions for gymnastics, this provides a safe and great surface to practice take downs and sport martial arts. We also have a 15′ air track,various mats, kicking bags and targets along with lots of weapons to learn.  The second room is full of hanging heavy bags, a full set of monkey bars, plyo boxes, kettle bells, suspension straps, Yoga props, and a slew of other equipment all to help you in your personal quest to be the best.


So what are you waiting for we have a class for every member of the family from 3-103. 

All of the instructors here at Shaolin Kempo Academy have been hand picked by Master Antisdel and have his full faith and confidence.

We are a very family oriented facility, the family that kicks together sticks together. Our school has been here since 1984 when it opened on Main street as part of a chain of martial arts schools. In 1996 Master Ross took over as the Chief instructor and latter purchased the school. Since then SKA has undergone a metamorphosis from a chain karate school to a one of a kind Martial arts fitness facility.


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